Our Credit Rebuilding Program

Is it Possible to Rebuild Credit?

If you don't have any experience rebuilding credit, it may not be an easy task.  But with the right strategy and approach you can take steps in the right direction, and it may even be quicker than you expect!

As it turns out,
automotive loans are one of the best ways to rebuild your credit!   Car loans denote an opportunity to improve your credit score.  When they are paid on time, car loans can help to rebuild your credit - including after bankruptcy or consumer proposal and make future borrowing easier.

There is less risk for a lender in giving you a car loan than a home loan.  The obvious factor here is the cost and is great news for those looking to rebuild their credit.  A car loan is a way to prove to lenders that you are responsible with your finances!

With Bad Credit, Can I Still Finance a Car in Canada?

Wondering if you can finance an
automobile in Canada with bad credit?  Don't Worry!  People of all walks have learned how to rebuild their credit, and it's something you can do too!  When financing an automobile with bad credit, your number one goal is not to do anything that will worsen your credit score.  So think carefully about what you can afford to pay in order to meet your monthly credit obligations.


Loan specialists who specialize in giving automotive loans know how to rebuild credit.  They can help you work your way back to an "A" credit standing.  It is important not to apply for several credit cards during this rebuilding process.  Our specialists will give you the tools on rebuilding your credit properly.

Improve my Credit Score!?!?

Car loan specialists like Don and Jodi at Crestview have answered the question of how to rebuild credit.  They have created an easy, safe and effective way to apply to numerous lenders online at the same time.  Our finance department works with lenders who want to finance those with less than perfect credit.  They have helped thousands of people to get bad credit car loans and rebuild their credit history - even after a bankruptcy or consumer proposal.

Rebuilding Credit

Thanks to our credit rebuilding program, you can start by completing our secure online form.  Once we receive your application, our credit specialists will begin working to help you find the car loan that you need to get into a new or pre-owned vehicle.  They will match you with the best terms and rate and even sometimes without a down payment!

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